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Resposible Travel

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Cetinje Old Royal Capital is an old capital of Montenegro, cultural and historical center of the country with two national parks on her territory and with many different contents that offers, already decades has become one of the most popular destination for the people that are visiting Montenegro.

Therefore,the tourism as the strongest agricultural branch of the country has to be accord with nature and ecological standards that in the long run our destination will remain sustainable in this respect.Given the number of people who are visiting,the disturbance of the natural balance is very possible if we do not treat ourselves responsibly towards the environment that is endangered only by us,people. Because it is always easier to prevent the problem than to work on solving it later.

We are proud that,as the only agency on the teritory of the city that deals with in coming tourism,in cooperation with the Tourist organization of the capital of Cetinje,we can present you our responsible travel policy for our region. Also we are the only agency that has taken your wishes as our main task so we created custom made exursions,to let you make your own exursion. And that is just one of the reasons why we are different from others.We just want our guests to be completly satisfied and come home fullfilled.

Of course before you decide to visit our country,first look at the web what you can find as prepostions and suggestions while visiting. Also our proposal is that you try to learn few words before arriving.

Since Montenegro is a multi-religious and multi-cultural destination pay attention to all the details so that you don’t experience cultural shock on arrival.Of course it is not desirable to be drunk in public or disbehave in the streets,all things related to education and human culture are not different from any other destination in the world.

We as an agency are specialized for dinamic excursions in this part od our country,and the 80% of the time with us you will generaly spend in a natural environment.

If you are our guest here,you will be referred to in what ways you can best help maintain the ecological stability of the region,since you will visit several national parks with different eco systems that require full attention when preserving the environment.

You will also find some other suggestions about culture and customs that will help you feel relaxed and safe at any moment and know what to expect while you are here.

Our Charter of Responsible Tourism can be downloaded here in pdf format and printed on paper, just as all our marketing materials are made with 100% biodegradable paper.Also in our vehicles you always have enough water, so you do not need to carry a lot of plastic bottles.And when the fleet is in question and we have taken care of this. Our vehicles are with modern Europe 5.6 engines with minimal emissions of harmful gases. Our next mission, in which you can actively participate, is that during our excursions, through several national parks, we carry empty bags in vehicles, and that in the places we visit, if we find plastic waste, we pick it up and take it back with us and we post it in containers in urban areas where later they would pick up other services within their work.

All this we do in principle is to raise peoples awareness of how to live in harmony with nature, to love and respect it, because in any case, apart from this planet, they have no other. Montenegro, as well as the entire planet, is under attack of all pollution brought about by modern times, and it is our duty to leave it as good as possible for the generations to come.

Give us a try, we guarantee you will not regret it.


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