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How we started?

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

We're an old family owned travel company with a strong team that's grown up, lived, worked and travelled extensively through Montenegro. Through the years of working in travel business we made a lot of friendships and business relationships so now we can offer you a whole new idea of spending time in Montenegro. There's everything here for everyone just take a look at some suggestions we have for you, pick what you find interesting  and make it into a lifetime memory. You're free to create your own holiday as you wish by choosing a different destinations, accommodation and activities that fit in your vision and lifestyle. We're here to make it happen. And it's gonna be much more than you expected. Cause Montenegro is more than worth to be discovered. Whether you're style of Montenegro adventure is quiet holiday or exploring wild nature, luxury hotels or etno villages, we're expert at turning your time in Montenegro into long time memories. Our specialty is tours in Montenegro along the course from the long sand beaches across the rivers and lakes to the mountain tops showing you every corner of this beautiful country. We're well experienced in excursions dynamic trips, transfers and all kind of rides that will be assimilated to your wishes and interests.

We started way back in 1989, when my father Savo Mrvaljević decided to leave good paid and stable job in the government sector and start a private business - Travel agency MonTours Cetinje. It wasn't that simple cause old big SFRJ - Yugoslavia was still united, and most of the business was in the government sector. We're proud of the fact that our Agency was one of the first private travel agencies in Montenegro. Through the years that came many bad things happened in the area of Balkan, Yugoslavia went to history in most unpopular ways. Many years later, after Montenegro became independent again, we continued our work together again, this time on completely different levels, so now here we are, at your service. Bringing our customers best arrangements that Montenegro can offer.


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