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The largest European Zip line – unforgettable adrenaline experience

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Even birds on the trees have heard of birds with no wings, those that fly short above canyon releasing unusual sounds. One bird sang about it long time ago, and now one can hear that song far and away. Good song, sorry voice, is heard far away…People from all around the world are coming here to experience fun on Montenegrin way: “You sit down and fly in the same time".

I had a privilege to fly trough deepest European canyon several times already, not bringing wings with me. Honestly, I have started worrying about forgetting things. When did I fly trough zip line for the first time? Probably some 3 years ago.

First time is always the hardest. You are supposed to agree with yourself, even though it is easier just to relax and let it go. “Che sara sara – as Franch say” Del Boy would comment. Still, I can help you make up your mind.

First of all, let’s face the facts: Zip line is situated on 650 m above sea level, 152 m above river Tara and is 824 m long. No panic. You want to be a bird briefly or not?

What also preoccupied my thoughts was the safety question. The answer was satisfying: Austrian company, which has made it, gave a warranty of 7 tones. It would mean that even an elephant could fly trough zip line. It would be strange sight to imagine.

Another question: what am I supposed to do on zip line? Nothing at all. If you planed some work out, you won’t have an opportunity or time. Flight lasts only about one minute.

First time I did it, it was in pair. When it is two of you, weight is bigger, and since zip line works on gravitation principle, your flight is faster. Read: adrenaline higher. Besides, flying in pairs doesn’t impair your experience, on contrary. Visibility is the same and it is even better when you can share your feeling with someone.

Ok, you are off, and what next? It is up on you: you can pray, scream, laugh or just enjoy the sight. And sight is fantastic! Breathtaking in every sense. Makes you start envying birds. Grandiosity of the canyon becomes clear from this height, and the bridge Đurđevića Tara gets the perspective you can’t have from the ground.The most beautiful river in the world combined with one of the European most appealing bridges! Is there something more magical?

This time I was flying just for you and it was…flutter 📷

And it is not all! The same day, one of my guests broke a record as the oldest person who experienced zip line! All congratulations to 91 years old Barbara Clark on her adventurous spirit and encouragement for all those who are having second thoughts. I really admire this amazing woman!

Here are some more stunning details for the end: the youngest person who carried out this venture was 4 months old (did it in mother’s arms), the fattest person 205kg, the tallest 230cm.

We don’t say in vain that job fills your pockets and adventures fill your soul! Hurry up to fill it with this unforgettable experience!

Useful information:

Zip line is situated on the north of Montenegro, on crossroads between following towns: Mojkovac, Žabljak and Pljevlja.

Taking photos or filming during flight is also possible since your hands are basically free. If you have your things with you, they can be placed in a rucksack which is part of your flying equipment.

Since the flight is ended on the other side of the canyon, return is provided by jeeps, which will take you back to the starting point through the bridge. If you prefer walking back and have enough time, it is also an option.

Landing on zip line is smooth and the system is fully developed. If you are flying to fast they have means to slow you down and, in the case that you are not heavy enough to get all the way to end, they will throw you a rope which you are supposed to catch and they will slowly pull you up there. Enjoy!

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