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5 Must visit places in Montenegro Somebody asked me recently which place is my favorite in Montenegr

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Somebody asked me recently which place is my favorite in Montenegro. I just couldn’t decide. It is not because I love my country so much that I can’t see it objectively any more. It is because nature was so generous to the country, that I feel so blessed to have a privilege to live here. As one of my tourist said, there is no bad place for a photo in Montenegro! You will always have a perfect background where ever you place you camera. This is true. I still picked out for you some places you shouldn’t miss during your stay in Montenegro. They are my favorite places.

Boka Kotorska Bay

„The most southern fjord in Europe“. This frequent phrase sounds nice but, even though it resembles Norwegian fjords (penetrating deep inland ) this Bay is not a fjord. Its unusual shape, which can be understood only by looking from the air, was given by ex river canyon which was filled with sea water as a result of tectonic activities. High mountains fall steeply to the sea here, protecting the coast and its charming medieval places from strong wind blowing in the interior of the country. Rich history of the places, meeting of different cultures and its specific results in architecture are something you have to see yourself. I warmly recommend sailing around the bay with gentle breeze touching your skin while nice warm sun gives you a tan you will want to show back home. And stop frequently. Stop at any place, explore its streets and churches, and you won’t regret it. Boka is memorable indeed.

Budva Riviera

Not without reason, Budva is the center of tourism in Montenegro. Its beautiful old town has unique urban design in Adriatic and rich history, attracting tourist from all around the world. Some of the treasures of Budva are well hidden from the view, so be sure to get ether local guide or collect additional information while exploring it. Budva riviera is considered to be the most beautiful in the country, offering so many  beaches that you can spent every day on a different one, with completely different surrounding, sand quality and atmosphere. Night life is the most attractive here and reason for youngsters to chose Budva among many coastal towns. Along the Riviera, you will also find a place considered to be a pearl of the Adriatic-famous town hotel Seint Stefan. This old Mediterranean fishermen settlement from 15 century was entirely transformed into luxurious hotel, leaving the exterior unchanged. Especially popular amongst celebrities in the second half of the last century, it still attracts VIPs, such as Novak Đoković. The fact that he organized his wedding here can tell you enough about the beauty of the place.

Cetinje and Lovćen

Placed not far from the coast, this is inevitable spot if you want to get to know what real Montenegro is like. Here you will get better understanding of the Montenegrin mentality, their sense of identity, customs and traditions.  Whole history of the country, begging from 15 century on, was written in small but charming place called Cetinje. The spirit of the glorious past, the spirit of old centuries you can experience in this old Montenegrin royal capital, situated at the foot of the Mountain Lovćen. This mountain is symbol of long fight for freedom ( Montenegrin Olympus) and one of 5 National parks in the country with specific flora and fauna. The mausoleum on the top of the mountain is the highest one in Europe and dedicated to the most distinguished Montenegrin ruler, Peter II Petrović Njegoš. Amazing view from the mountain will make you feel like you are in heaven, or at least, in an airplane. On a bright day, one can see about 2/3 of the territory of the country, from there!

National Park Skadar Lake

If you are tired of every day busy life and searching for a small paradise on Earth to forget about everything, this might be a place for you.The biggest lake in Balkan Peninsula, having the appearance of the sea, attracts 260 different kinds of birds and is known as “European airport of birds“. Nice climate and warm water will give you a possibility to swim in the lake, while enjoying a perfect combination of green forest and lake, blue sky, white clouds and gray rocks around. If you are lucky enough, you might see the symbol of the lake: a Pelican! Take a photo of this huge bird, because it lives only in the places with pure, unspoiled nature, like this is. The lake seems very calm now, but many islands with their monasteries, ex prisons and fortresses, tell their story, reminding us that enemies have always tried to put the lake under their control and grab this small paradise for themselves. It is hard to imagine that such a nice, and perfectly calm place, ever used to be a battlefield…

Mountain Bjelasica

Before I got deeper in the Mountain Bjelasica, my favorite Mountain was Durmitor. I didn’t stop to admire Durmitor, but Bjelasica made special impression on me few years ago. I was not prepared for that amount of magnificent beauty which I experienced while having jeep safari. The only mountain in Montenegro which has a volcanic origin is rich in water, grass, and forest at the same time. National park Biogradska gora, situated here, is one of three last virgin forests in Europe. Imagine walking trough the forest, with gigantic and old trees all around, with silence interrupted only by singing of the birds or the whisper of a stream, as if you were the only person on the Planet. And all of that around a lake which looks almost unreal.

Now I definitely feel bad for not writing  in this post about other wonders of nature in my country, like Tara river Canyon, River island Buna, Mountain Prokletije, Ali Pašini springs or Piva lake..there are so many places that wait to be discovered, described, experienced. But hope I have tickled your imagination and let these places be just a starting point which will make you come back for more.

Have a nice holiday in Montenegro!

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