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Revealing the last secret in Europe

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

If a God would leave a piece of Planet for him, would you go there and see it yourself?

One of my favorite legends goes like this: Once upon a time God created Planet Earth and people who should live on it. He was giving people certain areas to live in and when he thought he was finished, angels told him: “Dear God, there is still one small, but diligent nation, worth of your attention, you have forgotten about.” God’s eyebrows gathered, it started thundering and flashing all around. Big waves ruffled the sea and the strongest wind started to blow. And then, suddenly, everything stopped.  God said: “This is what I left for me and what I called Montenegro, let it be a home to this people and let them call themselves Montenegrins”.

Yes, this is the story about my country:  small, forgotten, but magical. It is a place where you can imagine fairies brushing their hair around mountain lakes or dancing deep in the virgin forest. Place where mountains are making love with sea and blue sky reflects in the clear water of Tara River. Place where you can meet God, resting from his hard every day work.

Montenegro is the best kept secret in Europe; its wild beauty is still undiscovered even by its own people. It seems like not densely populated country has so many pearls hidden from eye view that local people find great pleasure in exploring it from time to time, including me.  But how can I describe something that only eye can see and a soul can feel? I will try.

Montenegro is all about mountains. Tall and proud, just as local people, our mountains are standing like solders, dominating the territory and protecting us from different invaders in a turbulent history. Not always accessible, but worth climbing, mountains reveal their substance to those determinate enough to explore it. Prize is bigger than you can imagine: breathtaking views and a joy of life.

If those mountains could see, their eyes would be numerous mountainous lakes, crystal clear and beautiful. Light blue or green in color, they see everything and everything reflex in it. If those eyes could cry, then their tear would be river Tara, also known for being “a tear of Europe”. Imagine experiencing rafting on fast and sometimes wild Tara along its deep canyon which cuts powerfully trough high mountains, making it the deepest European canyon.  Imagine looking at the mosaic of different stones on the river’s bottom, enjoying the silence of virgin forest around it or jumping into nearby waterfall’s lake with freezing cold water even in the summer time.

Montenegro is also about sun, sea and send, and, believe it or not, mountains again! This time in the background,  as if those solders keep their eye on every piece of land. Or, as a possessive lover, they don’t want to have beautiful sandy beaches stolen from the sea, but they keep them for themselves. But, sometimes sea beats mountains, penetrating deep inland, just like famous Boka Bay. It incredibly resembles Norwegian fjords, but this time you have beautiful Mediterranean climate and charming medieval settlements to supplement your impression.

And if only stones and rocks could talk, they would tell you more about eternal seduction game of coast and mountains here…but, hush hush….that’s still a secret you have to hear yourself…

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